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Do More In Less Time

If you take a moment to think about it, you know there are some days, if not many days where you have been incredibly busy without feeling like you did much work. It's easy to be busy but not productive -we all do it, and at times we can even give it a name -procrastination.

Sometimes buys but unproductive times are out of our control, like when we attend those project meetings that have conversations that go off topic and then spin in circles. However, the majority of the time we can do something about it.

there are many tips to get more done in less time. A couple include: Write down a list and tick items off as they get done. Just by making a list you will get more done than have your to-do list bouncing around your head.

create a workspace, that is just for work, not on your bed, not with the tv in the room (or at least not in sight). You can also do this virtually with having a work login for your computer, so you have one login with all your entertainment bookmarks and passwords for your sites like Facebook, YouTube and Netflix saved, and another login with only essential items such as Word, CRM software, and have it only receives emails sent to your business account.