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Testimonials: Welcome

At HDH Clinical Hypnotherapy, we're proud of the positive impact we've made in our clients' lives. Here, you can read some of their transformative stories and experiences. We also invite you to check out our 5-star reviews on Facebook and Google.

"My hypnotherapy experience with Brad was excellent. He was very thorough in
explaining the process and addressing my goals, and he made me feel
comfortable throughout the session. The results were far beyond my
expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend anyone interested in
hypnotherapy to work with Brad."

Angie, Gold Coast

“Before I meet with you Brad, I was suffering from anxiety and depression. Life threw me a curve ball and I was unsure how to handle it. I tried many different treatments to help me get through it but hypnotherapy pushed me over the hump. After 3 sessions I started to feel like myself again. Happy, positive, focused and my anxious thoughts started to dissipate. Today I’m back to myself again and feeling great!
Thank you, Brad.”

Isabell, Coffs Harbour

"I have always been a shy, quiet and private person. Although I love my husband very much, I just felt that our intimate relationship did not seem to bring the joy, that others described in private conversation. I did not blame my husband, as I also struggled to regularly gain a satisfying outcome from my own private exploration. Brad has completely changed that for me, I was very shy when I first met him, due to my issue and he being a male. However, Brad made me very quickly at ease with his quiet professional nature. I felt some immediate results after the first session and ended up having four more wonderful sessions. I can now honestly say that I am having some of the most pleasure filled experiences of my life with my husband, and have already referred two of my long time friends on to him."

Sarah, Coffs Harbour

"My experience with Brad was amazing. I was not sure if I could be hypnotised, I always have a million thoughts running through my head. He was able to settle my mind and made me feel comfortable throughout my sessions.
The results not only exceeded my expectations at the time but have lasted as well.
I would recommend anyone thinking of having a session with Brad, to make an appointment today.”

Lisa, Coffs Harbour

“I was depressed for years and nothing made a difference. Well now I know how to handle my life and keep the happiness and peace I’ve found.”

Maggie, Coffs Harbour

“It’s funny. I feel as if I never smoked. If only I’d known it was so easy, I would have tried it sooner.”

John, Brisbane

Hypnosis really worked for me: I'd spent all my life eating more than was comfortable..... just a few hypnotherapy sessions changed my life. Life is so much better..... I've lost weight effortlessly!”

Helen, Coffs Harbour

“The sessions I had with you Brad were fascinating and wonderful!
I would absolutely recommend anyone to give your hypnotherapy a go
if they are serious about changing their lives for the better!

David, Gold Coast

“ Truly an amazing experience. I can honestly say I have never felt so me!”

Jessie, Gold Coast

“ I could not sleep and tried everything my Dr recommended. I called Brad and thank god I did he helped me to sleep through the night and quit drinking. After my positive results, my partner wnt to him to quit smoking and has not smoked since, so you could say this is two reviews in one. Brad was calm and respectful without being pushy, and I could not more highly recommend him”

Lin Barry, Coffs Harbour (Google Review)

Inspired by these stories? Start your own transformative journey with HDH Clinical Hypnotherapy. Book your appointment today.

Testimonials: Testimonials
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Client Testimonials: Real Stories of Transformation with HDH Clinical Hypnotherapy



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