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Experience the Convenience of Online Hypnotherapy 

Welcome to HDH Online Hypnotherapy and Counselling. We're here to bring our transformative services to the comfort of your home. Our online sessions, available via Zoom, are designed to accommodate your busy lifestyle, offering flexibility, privacy, and a tailored approach to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

The Power of Online Hypnotherapy

Experience the transformative power of hypnotherapy without leaving your home. Our online sessions offer the same level of personalised care and attention as in-person sessions. Whether you're looking to quit smoking, lose weight, or overcome anxiety, our online hypnotherapy sessions can help you create the life you've always desired.

How is hypnosis even possible over the internet?

Most people go into a hypnotic trance every evening in front of a screen… Or during the day when they lose track of time while starring at their phone… So, this bit is very simple. And yes you will find easy to go into trance.

What if the call drops?

This used to happen until a few years ago… In the past couple of years I have hardly had any calls drop. And even should that happen I will have given you very clear and simple instructions beforehand. It really is simple. When I work with someone with a bit of an unstable internet connection I will call on the phone so even if the internet drops we are connected through the phone. It is that simple.

Online hypnotherapy sessions via Zoom

Many people have received a recommendation from friends or family to see me, yet living abroad or in a different state or territory it is just not practical to travel to see me. Others have children or jobs or other restraints and struggle to come and see me during my practice hours. Hence I have been seeing people online for a long time. Advances in telecommunications and information technology makes the world more connected than ever and you too can benefit from online sessions. 

Advantages of online sessions
  • Someone you trust has recommended me

  • Trying to find someone else can be a bit of an unknown

  • Save time, money and energy on the commute

  • No hassle with car parks or public transport

  • You know you’ll be comfortable and able to concentrate

  • Flexible days and times

  • Worldwide and interstate

  • I have worked with clients from rural NSW and Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and the U.K. So you know you are in good company

Guidelines for online sessions

There are a few things you need to be aware of for you to get the most out of your session: 

  1. You’ll need a webcam and microphone. The built-in ones on a laptop are usually fine. It’s best when you have earphones.

  2. The cheap ones or the ones that came with your phone are fine…

  3. A session on a computer or laptop works better than on your phone.

  4. A good internet connection is a must. Also, other members of the household watching Netflix, gaming online, down- or uploading anything will compromise the bandwidth available to you… So it’s best to make sure the available bandwidth is available to you.

  5. A quiet room where you will be undisturbed for the duration of the session. It is your responsibility to make sure that you will be undisturbed.
    It’s best to make sure that your pets, children and other members of the household are chilled, happy and suitably supervised so you can fully concentrate.

  6. You will get the most out of your session when you are sitting down at a desk or table.
    Lying down on a bed is not suitable. Neither is balancing your laptop on your knees or the armrest of your lounge.
    Also, if you were to come and see me in my hypnotherapy clinic in person, you would be sitting upright.

  7. You'll need to download Zoom onto your computer or laptop before the session. Which is super easy, costs you nothing, and we’re ready to go.

  8. When booking, I will also ask for your mobile number so I can give you a call.

  9. It really is that simple.

So please contact me, and we can organise a time most suitable for your needs.

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