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Quit smoking now


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Discover the freedom of a smoke-free life with HDH Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Ready to quit smoking? At HDH Clinical Hypnotherapy, we're here to help you embrace a smoke-free life. Our exclusive 2 to 4-session smoking cessation plan is tailored to your unique smoking habits, ensuring a permanent end to your nicotine dependence.

We understand that smoking is often tied to situational and emotional triggers like boredom, stress, anxiety, anger, or even social drinking. Our personalised approach addresses these triggers, equipping you with the tools to manage them without reaching for a cigarette.

The Real Payback of Quitting Smoking

Consider the impact of smoking on your life - the financial cost, the toll on your health, and the constraints on your lifestyle. Now, imagine the benefits of quitting smoking. The payback time is surprisingly quick when you weigh the health, lifestyle, and financial benefits against the investment in hypnotherapy.

For instance, if you smoke 25 cigarettes a day and spend $50 per pack, you're burning $18,250 annually. But with a $550 investment in hypnotherapy at HDH Clinical Hypnotherapy (for 2 to 4 sessions, as required), your payback time is less than 10 days. Just over a week of not smoking pays for your hypnotherapy programme. And this doesn't even account for the health and lifestyle benefits of being smoke-free!

Are you ready to embrace a healthier, smoke-free lifestyle? Book your appointment today and start your journey towards freedom with HDH Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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