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Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and PTSD


At HDH Clinical Hypnotherapy I utilise modern hypnotherapy, modern psychology and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to assist you get overcome anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. This unique combination of well researched and profound techniques assists you to feel different. Instead of feeling like something is controlling you, you can feel like you are in control again.

Just Imagine:

All forms of anxiety and fears happen outside your conscious awareness, at a completely preconscious or subconscious level. You may even logically, rationally and consciously know that anxiety or phobias is not doing you any good. But you still can't stop it. Anxiety is an unconscious response and no amount of logically thinking about it will get you out of anxiety. Hence we need to solve the problem at the level where it actually exists: the unconscious or subconscious as some people call it. Hence modern hypnosis, professional hypnotherapy and NLP are better suited than any other therapy to change these subconscious anxiety patterns. 

From my experience working with thousands of clients over the years I know that you too can get a handle on this. It won't happen over night. There is no magic pill nor a silver bullet. You will learn to retrain your brain, do things differently, produce different responses and hence get yourself free. 

Treatment for anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and other fears

At HDH Clinical Hypnotherpay in Coffs Harbour, I combine professional hypnotherapy, , Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and other well researched techniques to help you overcome anxiety. So that you can enjoy life a lot more.. Most other approaches, including drugs, counselling, traditional psychology etc mainly treat the symptoms of anxiety.
Depression, anxiety, panic, phobias, overwhelm and stress are all a very clear and obvious signal of the subconscious mind. Hence if only the anxiety symptoms are addressed through drugs for anxiety and panic attacks, the original problem and root cause of the anxiety is still there. However if you want to truly learn how to overcome anxiety and panic attacks  then please contact me.


Phobias vs Anxiety vs Panic Attack

A phobia is different to anxiety. Anxiety is a more general feeling of something being not quite right, a general sense of unease. Anxiety might be triggered by certain situations, people, events an underlying belief of "not being good enough" or "other people being better" etc. Or it can be a more generalised scenario where the person doesn't even know what causes them to be anxious. Generalised anxiety is a bit like a faulty smoke alarm that starts beeping many many times during the day and / or night for no apparent reason... 

Phobias are different. Someone with a 'proper' phobia normally feels completely safe in life. It's just that every time they see that thing whether in reality or on TV or in a newspaper they get that phobic response... But other than reacting to that one thing they don't feel anxious with regards too much else. 

At the end of the day the phobic response is an unconscious response too. The person with, let's say a snake phobia, probably knows that screaming hysterically and rolling around on the floor is probably not the safest response to have in the presence of a snake. But that doesn't help, does it? Hence again we need to assist the unconscious in learning a new response, one that is more suitable to the situation. Like calmly move away from the situation, make sure the kids and loved ones are safe, pick up the phone and call for help... Real change is about having real choices.

No exposure therapy! Never, ever!

It is important for you to know that I don't have a little zoo or an adventure park in my drawers... All we work with is your mind. Exposure therapy in my honest opinion is cruel and besides research shows that it only gets very limited results. However NLP processes combined with hypnosis and other mind training tools and techniques gets lasting results with anxiety relatively quickly. 

How many sessions?

Without having seen you yet it is nearly impossible to say. It depends vey much on how much you apply yourself and use the tools you will learn… Most people notice a marked difference after the first two sessions and are good to go. Others take 3 to 4 sessions.
I can promise you though that you and I will have a pretty good idea after the first session. Because most people already notice a difference after their very first session.


Freedom from being weighed down from an old trauma or living with PTSD

Not taking work problems home with you

No longer feeling ‘out of control’

No longer having panic attacks that appear out of nowhere … for no logical reason

No longer experiencing irrational feelings of chest tightness, sweaty hands, ‘brain freeze’, and a hollowness in the pit of your stomach

No longer juggling an impossible schedule with unrealistic expectations for others

Not letting stress and anxiety affect your general health and wellbeing

Not having stress that is affecting your relationships

Losing that the weight of your world feeling that is getting heavier

A better-balanced existence that is free of stress or perhaps more manageable

freedom from trauma and PTSD
stop taking your problems home with you
stop feeling out of control
stop panic attacks
stop irrational feelings
stop unrealistic expectations
stop stress ans anxiety
stop affecting your relationships
lose weight hypnosis
work life balance

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