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With Hypnotherapy you don't need to tell your story... Again.

Girl relaxing after a hypnosis session with HDH Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coffs Harbour

Hi all. So, you may have been wondering what makes me, as a Hypnotist different from a Counsellor or Psychologist.There is a number, but today I'll start with one.

I can do a lot of really effective work, without having to know all the details of your life story. What that means is, for the people who want help and just find talking about their problem in any detail really hard, I can help.

During the session, I am the one that does most of the talking. You get to sit back, Have fun, feel good, and have an adventure. All while actively working towards a new brighter future for yourself.

Because I can make your hard work easy, by breaking it down into fun activities.

You will feel so good, you won't realise how much how you’ve changed for the better until you look back on the way you were.

Brad, founding Hypnotist, from HDH Clinical Hypnotherapy

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