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The all powerful hidden part of our mind, and how we can help it to help us.

We are all very aware of the thoughts that run through our head. The “what should I have for dinner” thoughts, or the “should I really do that now, or just leave it for tomorrow” thoughts. However, there are many more thoughts that run through our brain, and those thoughts occur in our unconscious mind, they are decisions made on a moment by moment basis. And as the name “unconscious mind” would suggest they occur without you being aware of them. The unconscious mind is involved in the famous fight or flight process, it's the part of the mind that gives you your gut feeling, and that feeling in your heart. Your unconscious mind is never communicating to you via that voice in your head. It's also deciding whether to make you aware that you’re still wearing shoes or just to ignore it while you are sitting and reading this post.