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Using hypnotherapy to quit smoking- gives you freedom - not just more money in the bank

Quite a few people who give up cigarettes on their own find that they can either get addicted to nicotine gum or maybe move to food. There are multiple reasons for this, but one of them is most cigarette brands cure their cigarettes in sugar, giving the nicotine hit and sugar hit from the caramel as well. That is part of the reason people move to consume more sweet foods and put on weight after giving up smoking. Others have addictive personalities, and unfortunately, graduate towards a food addiction after they leave the cigarette one behind. With hypnotherapy, I have been able to help clients move to healthier habits, and not only help them quit smoking but have a general positive lifestyle change, one they can stay addicted to for life. Just last week I was able to help a client who had given up smoking by herself years ago but was now addicted to the sugar-laden nicotine gum. (she hates the sugar-free one). She now feels less anxious, more motivated and productive, as the former habits that were a consistent reminder of her of her old concerns had now gone. Brad from HDH Clinical Hypnotherapy

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