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You can regain your life again

You may know agoraphobia is when people feel anxious about leaving their house, or even a room in the house. But how doe it begin? There can be a few causes. However, it is not uncommon for it to start as a slight, instinctual overreaction to a single experience. I have been working with a client who struggled to leave the house, and we were able to ascertain that it all started one day when he was on the highway, doing the speed limit and he suddenly spotted a cop speed trapping. He wasn’t speeding, there was no fine, but after that surprise, whenever he got up to 100 to or 110kph after that, he started to have panic attacks and slow down to 80 or below. He then began traveling less, only staying around his neighborhood

and after that, the anxiety would kick in by merely opening his front door. At first, he did not see the connection, but since we have worked together, he has since driven to Brisbane and back without any concerns or crippling anxiety. An ideal referral for me is anyone who seems to be shyly withdrawing from the life they once enjoyed. Brad from HDH Clinical Hypnotherapy

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