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You don't have to feel stress and anxiety at Christmas

We all want to show our best side to the people we don’t live with day to day, like that new crush, and especially at this time of year, our family at Christmas.

We get self-conscious about nail biting, smoking, drinking, and well the rest I will leave up to your imagination.

Last year the week right before Christmas was the second busiest I have ever had.

But, as you can imagine, even with everything going perfectly in the hypnotherapy session, that might be cutting it a bit too close to the big day for you to mentally and emotionally resolve everything that is behind that bad habit, and it can take a couple of sessions to feel the full benefit of hypnosis.

So If you or someone you know were embarrassed or felt self-conscious during last years Christmas celebrations, and just want to have a great time this year, it's a good time to contact me before all hypnotherapy appointment slots are filled.

Brad, founder of HDH Clinical Hypnotherapy

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