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The mystery of hypnosis may soon be over, as researchers are starting to uncover its scientific basi

Now as research catches up with what is well knowing in the industry, a recent review of a number of research studies on the topic reveals that hypnosis may just be an aspect of normal human behaviour.

Hypnotherapy to relieve stress HDH hypnotherapy coffs harbour

As researchers gradually learn more about hypnosis, it has become clear that this captivating phenomenon has the potential to reveal unique insights into how the human mind works. This includes fundamental aspects of human nature, such as how our beliefs affect our perception of the world and how we come to experience control over our actions. What we think will happen morphs seamlessly into what we ultimately experience.

Meta-analyses, studies that integrate data from many studies on a specific topic, have shown that hypnosis works quite well when it comes to treating certain conditions. These include irritable bowel syndrome and chronic pain. Other conditions, however, such as smoking, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder have a lot of anecdotal evidence and are ongoing areas of scientific research.

Hypnosis requires the consent of the participant or patient. You cannot be hypnotised against your will and, despite popular misconceptions, there is no evidence that hypnosis could be used to make you commit immoral acts against your will. more information can be found by clicking/tapping the links in this post, or by going to

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