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Something To Think About - A Reflective Learning Process

I get a lot of clients who want something structured to take home with them. Here is a 6 step process that will help you work through an emotionally charged situation that can feel foggy and uncertain of how you should move forward in the moment. This process usually works best when you note it down on paper, having that tackile connection to foggy thoughts can help clear the path to follow. The reflective learning process Identify the situation you encountered in your work or personal life that you believe could have been dealt with more effectively. Describe the experience What happened? When and where did the situation occur? Any other thoughts you have about the situation? Reflection How did you behave? What thoughts did you have? How did it make you feel? Were there other factors that influenced this Situation? What have you learned from the experience? Theorising How did experience match with your perceived ideas, i.e. Was the outcome expected or unexpected? How does it relate to any form of theories that you know? What behaviours do you think might have changed the outcome? Experimentation Is there anything you could do or say now to change the outcome? What action(s) can you take to change similar reactions in the future? What behaviours might you try out? Try this out for yourself, if it helped you and you would like to make more progress you can contact me via the contact us tab.

Brad from HDH Clinical Hypnotherapy

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