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DJ Tigerlily gets her beat back with hypnotherapy

A Recent Photo of DJ Tigerlily posted on her Instagram account

DJ Tigerlily a world-renowned female DJ with over 610k followers on Instagram was interviewed on the Australian podcast Shameless published on the 11 of April 2019. If you are an intelligent woman who loves dumb stuff I highly recommend this Podcast, available Apple Podcasts and any other place you get your pods.

In the interview, She described how hypnotherapy was not only something that helped her out of her lowest point with stress and her personal body image but continues to be an important part of managing her stress. You don't have to be a celebrity musician to be able to afford the power of hypnotherapy. HDH Clinical hypnotherapy can help you with dealing with stress, be it stress about you, or the stress about the rest of the world. We have affordable options available, with a free initial consult.

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