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VR Hypnosis-A new direction for HDH?

According to an article from, A Strasbourg-based medical virtual reality specialist HypnoVR has concluded three successful clinical trials in medical hypnosis for the management of pain and anxiety in the fields of post-operative pain reduction, pediatric dentistry and medically assisted reproduction.

The 20-minute HypnoVR session took place once a day within the first 72 hours following surgery, with a control group receiving standard care. It was concluded that the group additionally treated with virtual reality hypnosis showed a significantly lower need for supplemental treatment for anxiety and total postoperative opioid consumption, with a 45% reduction of postoperative morphine consumption over 72 hours. Recovery was also significantly faster during their hospital stay; patients’ bed-time was reduced by 21 hours.

These studies were all conducted with select groups of children, who traditionally considered easier to hypnotise than adults, but there is real promise in these studies for not only kids but adults as well.

I am personally excited about this and look forward to incorporating this into treatments in the coming years.

I have some other hypno tech news of my own to share. I have now developed a new online site for downloadable clinical hypnotherapy sessions. It is called It is still a work in progress but I look forward to it being a portal to helping even more people. There are plenty of self-hypnosis file websites out there, of which I have tried many, but I just have found them lacking, that is why I developed my own full clinical based sessions that simulates a full face to face session. The great news is that all the downloads come with a 100% money back guarantee.

So If you have had the benefit of my service and would recommend it, but the people who need it don't live locally you can now direct them to


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