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Be the best bride and groom you can be

A case study

Richard and Lynette

Richard and Lynette are getting married, they are both successful In their own small business. However, it doesn’t mean they are comfortable with the pomp and ceremony of the big day.

Lynette wants to lose a few kilos and knock it out of the park in her dream dress. She has been working so hard she has gotten into bad habits not eating correctly and mostly snaking through the day and getting fast food for dinner and has tried different weight loss fad diets to no prevail.

Richard is a shy person who runs an internet-based business, he is petrified of the public speaking he is being pressed to do, in addition to being upfront and centre during the ceremony.

As a hypnotherapist, I can help both of them as long as Lynette contacts me when they start organising the wedding.

Hypnosis does not necessarily make the wight fall off, but it makes the positive change in habits that will lead to healthy long term weight control happen and easy to maintain.

Public speaking is one thing that scares people most; the only fear more highly expressed is the fear of dying. I can help Richard to become comfortable speaking in public, not only at his wedding, but at parties, and business meetings for the rest of his life, reliving him for all that wasted time and energy warring about talking in front of a crowd. Hypnosis allows Richard to get in the frame of mind where he can speak comfortably, clearly, and even give off better vibes via his body language.

So an ideal referral for me is anybody looking for something to help them make that most special of days one of the happiest days of their life.

Brad from HDH Clinical Hypnotherapy

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