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The rate of eating disorders is something that is on the rise. A lot of people who are quick to blame something for their mother, daughters, sons, or friends unhealthy eating go straight for traditional and social media images. I do not deny that that can be a contributing factor, However, there is far more to the story than that. Many people who develop eating disorders do so because they feel a lack of control, so they turn to the one thing they feel in control of, which is what they put in their mouth. Or the ability to binge eat for the sugar and fat flavour hit, and to then eject the food to avoid the calories. Hypnotherapy helps people with eating disorders to gain control over their life again, to move to healthier habits and move away from the all or nothing mentality that can develop, to a more balanced lifestyle. An Ideal referral for me is anyone looking to gain control back in their life, and live a happier and healthier future. Brad from HDH Clinical Hypnotherapy