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The monster hiding in your closet doesn't have to be scary!

A lot of the time I see clients who turn up to my clinic because their heart starts racing when they are in public, and their mind is full of their own thoughts. They also feel they have a fog in their head and maybe feel a lack of direction or motivation. All because their mind is trying to distract them from the real scary concern they have.

Or I have potential clients who won't see me because they are scared of what they may find. However, as many of my clients will attest, just like Sully from the movie Monsters Inc, big things don't have to be daunting once you get to know them.

Clients who have worked with me, report feelings of peace, freedom and finally being able to feel like their authentic self because they worked through all those symptoms like the racing heart and busy mind, and were then able to easily resolve the issue they first thought was monstrous and scary.

With hypnotherapy, what seems like a big scary thing now, can be that thing you look back on a wished you had worked on sooner. I bet the amount of energy that you spend trying to avoid it is so exhausting that once you finally face that fear and work through it, you will feel happier, sleep better and be more the real you that you have ever felt before in your life.

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