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Just because you are an alcoholic now - It doesn't mean you have to be one forever...

As you may know, as a clinical hypnotist, I specialise in working with clients who are suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD.

But a lot of the work I have been doing recently is alcohol addictions, as people have realised that during the holiday period that one time two drinks were fine, they now need one or two bottles.

I have had clients visit their friends and feel embarrassed as they realised they drank more of the party hosts alcohol than several of their friends combined.

Working with the power of the mind via hypnosis. I can help people achieve their new years' resolutions and goals, without them feeling a sense of loss because they are not consuming their once favourite thing. I can even make it happen without the painful feeling of consciously making an effort to achieve them.

Brad, frounder, HDH Clinical Hypnotherapy

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