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Is Hypnotherapy right for me?

Clinical Hypnotherapy has many uses. To understand why it is worth understanding what is going on within our minds. Our minds can be divided into the tiny part of our mind that is conscious of its thinking and the rest of which we are largely unaware. But where are our problems originate?

Research tells us that our subconscious minds make decisions before we are consciously aware we have made the decisions. The conclusion therefore is that we have to work below the level of conscious thought to produce effective change. It is true that when we do something repeatedly and get a good result it becomes a new habit embedded in our subconscious. Hypnotherapy is just a quicker way to change habitual thinking.

Conditions like PTSD which can arise in an instant are proof that the mind can be very quickly altered under certain conditions. In the case of PTSD the shock of an incident is hypnotic and allows thoughts to bypass the critical factor of the mind. With hypnotherapy we use relaxation to achieve the same purpose for good, and PTSD is a condition that responds really well to clinical hypnotherapy.

Clinical hypnotherapy is effective when our subconscious is not working for us the way we would like. If we have a way of thinking (fear, obsession ), feeling (unhappy, depressed) or behaviour (biting nails, outbursts) that is not what we would consciously choose, there is an opportunity to bring the unconscious back into alignment with what is wanted. So the potential of hypnotherapy is vast. It has application well beyond its typical use in smoking cessation and weight-loss.

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