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How effective is hypnotherapy?

Many people who have not tried hypnotherapy, understandably are hesitant about trying this form of therapy. For many years, film and television have portrayed all hypnosis like it's an act in a vaudeVille show. The truth is clinical hypnotherapy, like that, practised at HDH Clinical Hypnotherapy in Coffs Harbour is a very powerful way of enhancing the effectiveness of other counselling and psychotherapy techniques. One study from the American Health Magazine found hypnotherapy had 93% success rate after six sessions, compared to 72% of people who had tried behavioural therapies for twenty-two sessions.

Some psychotherapy treatments have been recorded as only having 38% of clients seeing improvement after 600 sessions.

If you do the math, at say, $110 an hour for a psychotherapy session that's a bill of $66,000 for a 38% chance of seeing an improvement. While, with hypnotherapy (even being charged at up to $330 a session in some cities) would only cost $1980 for the six appointments, with a 93% chance of success.

If you would like to know more about how HDH can help, you can go to our hypnotherapy Q&A page, or contact Brad via email. Information on our session rates can be found on our bookings page.

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