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Hypnotherapy for Health and Wellnes


I have to state clearly. I am not a doctor. I have a degree in Human Movement Science, but I am not medically trained (apart from my First Aid Certificate). Also, I am not a magician. I don’t work with labels, I only work with symptoms. If one by one I can help you to dissolve those symptoms … guess what? The label has dissolved as well.

Hypnosis causes you to suspend the conscious mind, so that it is merely observing. This allows your subconscious mind to be accessed. This is where we store habits, behaviours, memories and automatic patterns. Hypnosis allows you to observe yourself and “the problem” from a different perspective. If the problem is indeed of a pscho-somatic nature, we will allow the subconscious mind to re-wire, knowing that the problem might have been created at a time for an unspecified reason, however that reason doesn’t apply now. The problem is from the past and it can remain in the past.

Hypnotherapy has helped many people to alleviate the symptoms of some of the following health issues:

IBS and other gut related issues

Anxiety, OCD, and PTSD

Cutting and self-harm

Chronic pain



Alcohol and drug habits/addictions

Cancer support


And many other debilitating symptoms and labels

I have had countless clients who have seen hypnotherapy as the last chace for help.

Some clients have tolerated their debilitating symptoms for years, or even decades. Many have sought help from medical professionals, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other healing modalities, and for reasons unknown their health symptoms are still present.

In that situation I might suggest to a client

they don’t have a problem in the conscious mind. If they did then they would  fix it already. They have a problem in the  subconscious mind. It is a problem you are not consciously aware of. I’m a great believer in neural plasticity (the brain’s ability to rewire) and working with that process has helped meny people become free of their labels. 

  • Pay for 3 session up-front and save $65

    360 Australian dollars
  • Pay for 4 session up-front and save $75

    480 Australian dollars
  • Online therapy, aka teletherapy to help you free yourself

    130 Australian dollars
  • A Q & A session to give you time to find out more.

    Free Consultation
  • 165 Australian dollars
  • Hypnotherapy session for those with a concession card

    99 Australian dollars

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