Hypnotherapy for fitness, hypnosis for fun.

Sports Performance Improvment

Helping you to achieve your full potential.

It does not matter if you’re you are a full-time athlete or enjoying an active hobby, then HDH Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you to achieve your full athletic potential. Brad has experience working with professional athletes from multiple sporting disciplines, helping them reach their full potential, consistently, reliably, with improved recovery times.


General Heath & Fitness

HDH is here to help you get fitter faster.


More Energy and Self Discipline

It does not matter if they are just trying to lose a few Kilos or training for an international sporting event, everybody finds it tough to train as much as they would like to, and know they should. Brad at HDH  can help you to get through the life and performance hurdles that can stop you from training as much as you need to, helping you to achieve your absolute best.

Healthy Eating

It is tough to ignore all the high-calorie food that lacks the real nutrition that food should. Brad at HDH can work with you to eat the right foods that will help get you the long lasting results you are looking for faster.

Increased Stamina and Endurance

Brad can not only help you to break through the burn you feel during the second half of an endurance race but can minimise the discomfort you feel. Even if you are not an athlete, Brad can also help you progress through your couch to 5k goals (or any other fitness goal) by helping you achieve a higher level of stamina and endurance.

Hypnosis for swimming, Hypnotherapy for swimming


Whether it is keeping a steady rhythm, making the perfect turn or overcoming that fatigue burn, Brad can help you to be at your best and feel your best.

Hypnosis for Rugby, Hypnotherapy for rugby


Hypnotherapy can help rugby players in many ways, from increased fitness and endurance to hand-eye coordination in passing, It can also help you to more accurately read and predict the actions of your teammates and the opposition, so you can always be in the right place at the right time.

Hypnotherapy for Cycling, Hypnosis for Cycling


Hypnotherapy can help cyclists to increase their fitness and endurance and to help get them into the zone, where time is distorted, and the perceived effort is massively reduced, improving your performance while making your time cycling more enjoyable than ever before.

Hypnotherapy for Golf, Hypnosis for Golf


It does not matter if you are a PGA pro, or if you only find yourself hitting a few perfect shots each round, Brad at HDH can help. He can work with you to make both your long and short game consistently accurate.

Hypnotherapy for dancing, Hypnosis for dancing


Hypnotherapy can help dancers in many ways. It can help with the accelerated learning of dance moves, so you can spend more time refining your movements, rather than trying to learn them in the first place. It can also help you to keep a rhythm and stay in time with your troupe. Hypnotherapy can also help you deal with discomfort from an injury, whether it be new or long held.

Hypnotherapy for Soccer, Hypnosis for Soccer

Football aka Soccer

It does not matter if you are the one trying to defend the goal or the one making the goal, hypnotherapy can help. It can help increase fitness levels, endurance, passing accuracy, and being able to more accurately read and predict the actions of your teammates as well as the opposition, so you can always be in the right place at the right time.