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Clinical Hypnotherapy - NLP

and Counselling

Our behaviour is shaped by our beliefs, upbringing, and life patterns. We might be aware of bad habits that may limit our potential; we are often unaware of how we can change them to our benefit. Clinical hypnotherapy and counselling can help you engage your inner resources to have a rich and fulfilling life. I pride myself on creating a non-judgmental atmosphere. Open to people of all backgrounds and lifestyles relaxed atmosphere, helping people to leave the clinic room (or zoom session) feeling lighter and with more energy.

What is hypnotherapy?

Clinical hypnotherapy is a powerful and rapid therapy that offers a rewarding method of achieving your goals, motivating yourself and eliminating many of the things stopping you from achieving them. A hypnotic trance is a ‘natural state’. It is a state that kids go into about 70% of their waking hours. With hypnosis, the healing is done in the quietness of your own mind.
A hypnotherapist skillfully facilitates a deep relaxation of both your mind and body, allowing an altered state of consciousness to occur, a bit like daydreaming. While in a hypnotic state, you can let your conscious mind (your thinking mind) fade away as you access your unconscious mind.

What is NLP Nueruo Linguistic Programming?


NLP is a collection of mental processes to help you break old behaviours and habits. It is also referred to as ‘awakened hypnosis’ as you are fully aware of the exercises. It is a way of reprogramming your mind to find the clarity you seek. NLP is based on years of research, using processes that access the unconscious mind, representing 90% of your mind.

Why have a counselling session?


Sometimes it is good to talk through your worries and concerns with someone with no 'skin in the game.' Someone who is non-judgmental, open to people of all backgrounds and lifestyles. I have training in Psychotherapy, and I pride myself in creating an open and relaxed atmosphere, helping people to leave the clinic room (or zoom session) feeling lighter and with more energy. 

How many sessions will I need?

Problems such as stress, phobias, and chronic pain, and habits like smoking or overeating can often be treated in three or four sessions. Problems of a more complex nature might require additional work. Brad's goal is to complete the work in as few sessions as possible.

Cost and length a session?


 Hypnotherapy sessions run for 50 to 120 minutes. The cost of an individual session varies between $130 and $165, payable at the completion of each session. For full fees click here. Pre paid 3-4 session programs are available that will give you substantial savings. Concession discounts are also availble.